With friends like mine who needs enemies? I sent this photo to a dear old pal of mine as a threat to pimp slap him, and he being the clever fella he is, instantly turned the pin into a meme, posted on Facebook, and tagged a metric ton of our friends. Oh my poor poor friend lol. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! I guess he forgot that I'm the meme master flex. . . Although I am open to suggestions from our fine listeners as to how I should retort to this.

Should I go with another meme or take this to an all out prank war? Now, before you jump to prank war because it sounds fun, I feel you should know that our last prank war lasted over a year and it got pretty intense. It ended with me putting several pics of him up on craigslist personals under "men seeking men", giving out his phone number, and specifically requesting peen pics be sent to his phone before any words are exchanged.   You'd be surprised how effective that worked. It ended with me agreeing to take down the post if the war ended and he admitted defeat. It's amazing how 12 pics of a random dudes junk can make a guy open to the idea of losing a war that lasted as long as it did.

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