I'm pretty stoked about getting these fish for my office. It's like having living art in your office. I picked out all the plants, the rocks, and of course the big Buddha statue in the middle. 


Why hadn't I thought of this before? If your job will allow it, I highly recommend it. Watching them swim for a couple of minutes can instantly relive stress. It's so peaceful and relaxing. When you have a job like mine that requires you to be clever and witty everyday, you'd be surprised at how much just that small bit of relief can really do for you.


Oops, I almost forgot to introduce them. I decided to go with a movie theme from Old School. The little red striped one is Mitch, the yellow one is Beanie, the sucker fish is Frank the Tank, and the blue one of course is Blue. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda lookinf forward to the day (a long time from now) when Blue dies so I can play Dust in the Wind by Kansas and scream "YOU'RE MY BOY BLUE!"

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