You guys may remember my niece and brother in law for my post a couple of days ago. Did I also mention that every year, among their friends and family, their yearly Halloween costume reveal is a pretty big deal? Lol I wish you guys knew my niece, she is definitely a "happy tree" lol. It's pretty rare to catch her not smiling. I've had her laughing so hard before that I thought she was going to pass out from lack of breathing. Here we see the late great Bob Ross and his happy little tree AKA Kristen.


My sisters Halloween costume ideas are nothing short of genius. I honestly don't know how she has the time to make these. A lot of women call themselves a "full time mommy" and that's respectable, but my sister is what you would call an overtime mommy and an actual nurse as well. I swear, she has the power to control time itself too, because there is no way someone as busy as her has time to put in all the extra effort she does into thing.


Tara, Brandon, and Kristen, we expect an awesome costume reveal every year and as usual, you didn't disappoint. NICE!

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