LOCATION:  87th Street and Loop 338 in Odessa!

Another Kent Kwik location is now OPEN to serve the 432! This location is located at 87th street and Loop 338 in Odessa. And, if you have ever driven North or South bound on Loop 338 near 87th you know this location will be welcomed with all it offers.

The Kent Companies invites you out to celebrate the grand opening of their newest truck stop location on 87th Street in Odessa. The Kent Kwik truck stop will be able to facilitate all vehicles from small to big. You can also enjoy the delights of the Rustic Café. Come out the celebrate the grand opening of the newest Kent Kwik location on 87th Street in Odessa Thursday July 1st. Come out for giveaways and prizes.

Ribbon cutting will happen at 10am and B93 will be live starting at 10am as well. There will be prizes and cool giveaways and you can come see up close this newest location here in the 432.

Have you ever been on Loop 338 in that area and thought 'Where is the nearest gas station?" Well, this latest and newest location on 87th will be able to serve your gasoline needs! So convenient for the area!
Plus, this location also features the awesome food of the Rustic Cafe. Yep, I'm hungry already! AND also features a Kent Kwik Car Wash to get your vehicle washed whenever you want.

So, make sure to join us live this Thursday at Kent Kwik on 87th and Loop 338 starting at 10am. Festivities will actually be going on all day long at this location.
And, help us WELCOME the newest Kent Kwik to the 432!

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