Looks like we have something new poppin up in the old 'Tilted Kilt' location in Midland. The newly painted building was recently painted pink and decorated with many flowers.

The sign on the restaurant was recently updated to 'La Mision Restaurant and Cantina'.

According to the facebook site Maybe In Midland-Odessa....the south Midland location is moving to this new location.

There is no word yet on the opening date but from the looks of the building...it looks like it should be soon.

The new location is 1119 Tradewinds Blvd, in Midland, TX 79706...across from Osaka in Midland and across from Grande Stadium and Midland Rockhounds.

This will be an awesome addition to this area of Midland. Thee are no Mexican Restaurants near Grande Stadium, so if your in the mood for some Mexican food and in the area of the Ballpark, well soon you will have a place to grab some awesome food.

It will also be convenient to hit it up after watching a Midland Rockhounds game.  Have you been to the existing 'La Mision' restaurant on Big Spring street in Midland? If so, what is your favorite dish there. I've been there plenty of times and I tell you I love their Enchiladas. And, I must say I'm a big fan of their salsa, it hits the spot.

I tell you, the first thing I try when I go to a Mexican restaurant is their salsa. If their salsa hits the spot, then I'm definitely ready to try the menu. We will keep an eye out for more grand opening information so that we can all enjoy La Mision when it opens at it's new location.

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