Does any one know how to get oil paint out of cat? I hear it's hard but it can be done. Then again, you can't fix stupid. WHY? JUST WHY? More importantly, how? How in the hell did my dumb cat manage to give herself an oil paint unibrow?

Can I trade my cat in for a new one? I think mine is defective. Walking around looking like Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy. BUTTERED TOAST! <---- You totally read that in Ed's voice. God shes so dumb lol. She'd rather lick the condensation off of glasses, than get a damn drink of water. That's the level of stupid we are dealing with here lol. If stupid were a sport, she'd be in the Olympics. She's the Michael Phelps of stupid if you will.

...but she's awesome lol. SMH poor poor dumb Nala. Aslo, before all you overly sensitive animal people get all upset over me calling her stupid so many times, I assure you she can't read. We're good.