Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My BOYFRIEND'S LITTLE brother HAS STARTED CALLING ME BY ANOTHER WOMAN'S NAME! It has happened TWICE already and I'm like What?  I asked my man 'Where did he get that name?' My man said NO IDEA!! Look 3 things don't lie...Drunks, Kids and Yoga Pants! Shoud I be SUSPECT on this?

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Heather Cadena Fuentes
Why don’t you just ask the little kid?

Courtney Holdampf
My friend’s 5-year-old son said “daddy are you waiting for your gf?” While he was waiting for pizza and that man is super loyal. Kids say the darndest things

Albert Tarango
If his little brother told you the moon is made of cheese would you belive him?

Christine Henderson
She should make a comment to the brother about the other name being a nice name, (maybe then the little brother will say where he heard it) but then she should kindly 'remind' the little brother of HER name. Then just wait to see what he calls her during their following interaction. If it continues, I'd say something is up. Like she said #the3thingsthatdontlike #WhenSomethingDoesntSmellRight #Iloveit

Top Fan
Rebecca Hernández
Actually kids do lie and even the drunk!!!!!

Ray Ray
The kid could have picked up the name from anywhere. His favoirte TV show, a Tik Tok video or anywhere on the internet. It doesn't mean that your guy is talking to another girl. Your poor guy probably has no clue, poor guy! lol Don't be a headache to him.

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