Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Just found out that my MAN is seeking advice from my bestie about us. She came to me and confided that hes asking her stuff . She said wouldn't you rather come to me than any other lady. I don't know why it bothers me.

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Chon Rodriguez
This is a double edge sword. Females confide and vent to their bestie about their issues and won’t even bother telling their man. But when a man ask for advice cause don’t no one know her better than her bestie you wanna get upset. Grow the up. If…

Stacie DeLeon King
Yeah, no. He should be talking to you. If he can't confide in you, you have communication problems you need to address.

Irene Gutierrez
Put a stop to it or find you a different man cause he is about to be your bestie's man

Adrienne Martinez
Nope! Nope! I personally would not like that I don't think so hunny! He's feeling way too comfortable to be talking to her about Y'ALLS problems. Next thing you know he's going to like how she ”Thinks” mhmm!
But I guess

Minnette Salazar
Thats even worse .. Put a stop to it now .Your bf and your man need to be put in their places..Thats a big !!

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Rebecca Hernández
Hell no if he can't handle it by himself then why be with someone. THEY are gonna get to the point where they are gonna have feelings for each other and your gonna be the one getting left out ‍♀️.

Albert Tarango
Could be worse. He could be boning your bestie

Athena Nickole May
Grow tha fk up get over ur self

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