There's a lot of good reasons to love the 432 and be proud of being from here. People here are real. We aren't afraid to work hard to support our families. People literally come from all over the nation and even from far corners of the world to live here just because we have one of the most rock solid local economies in the entire country. I'm 432 born and raised....even though when I was a kid it was 915. I was born in Midland Memorial Hospital. I've been in literally every state in this country, and most of them several times. I can tell you that it's really not much better anywhere else which is exactly why people keep coming here.

That's my least favorite thing about living here. We as a whole have very little pride in our home. There is almost no support for local music, and the bad part about that is, we have some AMAZING local artists. Talent wise there is no difference between us and Austin. The real difference is in the support local artists get. We once did a talent show at Hacienda for local artists only. We advertised it for 2 months on 4 radio stations every hour and literally 7 paying customers showed up.....7.

Lets take pride in our own. We can all do better than that. Next time you hear someone talking trash about our home, ask them if its so bad then why are they here. Obviously the pros out weigh the cons when it comes to the 432 otherwise we wouldn't have 300,000 combined people in this area.

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