Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So me and my girlfriend had a 3 year relationship. And, we have been having some problems but nothing we couldn't work out. Well, I guess not, because she broke up with me the other day. It is what it is, but check this out, she broke up with me AT THE MALL!!! What are we 13 years old. The MALL? She took me to he mall, and dropped it on me. I don't know why it bothers me, but I feel that was LAME! Right? I mean she could have picked Chili's at least....3 Years and I get the mall????

Here is what The 432 had to say on our Facebook about it!

Mario Juarez
Be happy her savageness didn't come out and just sent you a text or even just flat out ghosted you ..

I broke up on a plane going to Vegas on take off.

Ray Ray
Does it really matter where she broke up with you? I mean, the results were going to be the same no matter what. So it happened at the mall. okay, i get it not ideal, but maybe it's better it did happen there. Maybe if it were to happen say at her or your house it would have been even worse. Maybe the fact that it was at the mall actually made it easier and less emotional. And, that could be a good thing.

I broke up with my man at a Kid's Birthday party! Oh well. It doesn't matter where it happens. The fact is that she felt it was time to say goodbye and she did!

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