Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Guy from work GOT MY PHONE NUMBER from the Office Phone list and my man don't believe me!! The guy at work called me the other night and that's when my man asked me. Our Office Phone list is posted in the break room. He says he doesn't have a phone list at his work all out in the open. Well, we do! Btw, If I wanted my phone number off the office list, could I? Does your place have an Office phone list available to everyone who works there?


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Rebecca Hernández
Next time let him answer and say this better be work related or you just need to quit calling.

Maria Ruiz Prieto
We have a phone list aswell... no biggie... we text/call each other for work purposes. Example was 2 weeks ago to see if office was closed/open due to ice storm. Tell ure hubby to chill, now if ure co-worker is being a bother and starts bugging about n… See More

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MaryAlice Flores
We have one at our office. If they call me, it better be for work. Cuz my husband is cray, cray 😂

Gloria B Johnson
We have one but it’s for busy use only and anyone has assets to it.

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Sammy Castaneda
Uh, call HR

Albert Tarango
I don't even have my phone number. I don't want coworkers having it either. Who wants to get blocked?!?!

Take me off that Office Phone List!

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