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A 27-year-old guy just posted on Reddit about an issue he's having with his 26-year-old fiancée. He wants to have a STAR WARS WEDDING and she wants something"formal and glamorous. "She doesn't want anything 'Star Wars' at our wedding at all . . . I suggested that we could plan half the wedding, like she handles the ceremony and I plan the reception." She said no to that, too.
"This is my wedding too, and I should get to decide at least half the day . . . we share finances so I'm paying enough to get a say too...right???" What do you think?

Cindy Bustamante
Maybe a grooms cake, a bachelor party theme... but the whole wedding or even half the wedding is too much Star Wars for me. But if it meant alot to my fiance, then a little compromise shouldn't be out of the question.....
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Rebecca Hernández
Then maybe you shouldn't be marrying her if she won't let you have some fun yes it's your wedding too and you should have your input. If she wants a boring old wedding at least have your groom cake be lit.

If she won’t let you have some small things she ain’t the one for ya. A grooms cake and cake topper Star Wars theme. I can see where she’s coming from but, man if this is the way she compromises you better get used to having it her way all the time.
Sammy Castaneda
Lmao, this is your choice of “man”? Run woman, fast.

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Dee Dominguez
Buddy needs to before he has no wedding lol

Jonjon Djtiny Baeza
At least let him have a star wars groom cake ‍♂️

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Ana Torres
She's not the one for you buddy

Eduardo Lizalde
A joker and Harley Quinn wedding
Batmobile Limo driver dressed as Batman in the back instead of “Just married” it’s going back to “Arkham”

Caröl Smith
He’s right. It’s his day too.

Jonjon Djtiny Baeza
I have an idea they could always renew vows in Vegas and do the star wars gimmick then?

Sonya Santos
Dump each other, it’s never gonna work

Christopher Brown
She is not the droid you're looking for.

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