It looks like it's gonna be a great weekend for a car show. MARC is throwing their Cruise For A Cause Car Show this weekend. If you love CARS and Trucks make sure to attend and enjoy while supporting an awesome cause.


The car show starts at 10 am. Awards will be awarded at 3pm.


According to their website...

a collection of varying collector cars including cars, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, low riders, and special interest vehicles.


According to their website.
MARC exists to offer highly personalized programs and services to individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. MARC does this by assisting clients in making life choices based on individual interests and dreams, achieving personal bests with dignity and respect, obtaining jobs or becoming involved in an employment environment, and sharing in the wholeness of the Midland community.
MARC does some great work amd here's your chance to support.  One of the things I love to do while going to a car show is take picks. I have so many picks of different cars in my phone and honestly I love hitting up car shows to take picks.
 The one thing I've noticed about car shows is that no cars are ever alike. Sometimes, you think you're gonna go to a car show and see cars you seen before but I am pleasantly surprised that every time I go to a car show there is something unique about the car with their  paint job , the wheels, tires, the custom work or the overall feel of each car. They all are so different and amazing.


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