And, in the morning, we're having waffles! That is my favorite line from the movie 'Shrek' given by Donkey. Yes, today is National Waffle Day . Bring It On! I do love me some waffles and who doesn't? I found out a while back that waffles actually come from Sweden from back in the 1600's or even longer. Just in case you were wondering, waffles started in the United States back in the 1880s cuz that's when the waffle iron was invented in New York. Look, whenever this stuff started, I'm all in. If there's a waffle party I'm there.

So, how do you like your waffles? With syrup? Maybe, you like some fruit on it or some powdered sugar. For lots of us, the waffle was introduced to us thanks to Eggo. Yep, Let Go My Eggo! Those frozen waffles that mom use to buy . Grab them out of the freezer pop them into the toaster and you were good to go. For a lot of us, that was our first Waffle. Leggo my Eggo! So how do you like your waffles? Do you like fruits, or powdered sugar on them ? Do you like waffles with chicken! Yep, Chicken and Waffles . I do not like to mix my chicken and waffles together nut hey I know lots of peeps who love it. Well however you like your waffles, enjoy some today cuz today is National Waffle day and I am here to salute the Eggo because for me that was my first Waffle ever.

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