So who is ready for the Super Bowl this weekend? I know I am. And, I'm going to be real, I have not been to a Super Bowl party in years. I've been invited to some, but honestly I've watched the last seven Super Bowls from my couch. But, I'm excited about the Kansas City Chiefs VS the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

Apparently with covid-19 , this year Super Bowl parties are gonna look different this year. So I was going over the internet this morning and was reading on suggestions on how to throw a Super Bowl party with covid-19. I heard that you should move your party to your backyard. That makes some sense. Of course you'll be outside and there's a less chance of spreading whatever. I also heard that this year you should keep your guests to a very limited few. Make your Super Bowl party a VIP experience for a very few close friends only. Now, when it comes to food, I heard that this year you should probably have everyone bring their own food and eat their own food. Wow, that's the craziest thing I've heard. I guess it makes a little sense. So, your supposed to have people bring their own food and eat their own food. No sharing of food especially dips. Dang it! I don't like that rule but I get it.
It seems that there's going to be a lots of rules this year that are recommended during your Super Bowl party.

So who will win the game? I kind of think that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to win. But, I'm not going to lie and say if Tom Brady wins that wouldn't be a bad thing either. I actually would like to see Tom Brady get seven Super Bowls only because that would be INSANE! BUT, I'm also up for a new Dynasty and of course that means Patrick Mahomes. He is the new GOAT and it's time for him to start stock piling some Super Bowls! LOL look, I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan so I'm really neutral in all this. I just hope it is a crazy awesome game.

I'm looking forward to seeing what The Weekend does during the halftime show. Will he do better than J-Lo and Shakira from last year. I really did enjoy it.
I hope The Weeknd does all his big hits and I hope he surprises us with something! Surprises during halftime show are always fun! We will all see this Sunday.

Whatever you do this Super Bowl Sunday, please be careful and stay safe!

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