You made it through another Monday and if you're like me, this week is already crazy busy, but we have dinner covered for you!

From 4:00 to 6:00 this afternoon, we'll be offering you Domino's Pizza for just $3 cheese or pepperoni pizza. One dollar of from each sale will go to help the kids at St. Jude.

There are two locations you can go to today. One is at Midkiff and Illinois in Midland and the other is 42nd and Dixie in Odessa.

Domino's has been able to donate over $1M to St. Jude over the past few years and even built a Domino's Event Center on the St. Jude campus to hold proms for the kiddos and more thanks to generous people like you!

If you're not in the mood for pizza, but want to help St. Jude, you can find out more about donating at the link below.