I don't know what it is, and maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I think overly jealous girlfriends are cute. For one, it shows you they care, and for two it's not really threatening to me. It's like a care bear with a knife. You know you should be scared but for some reason you just want to piss it off and see what happens next.

When I realize a girl I'm dating is jealous, it becomes my mission to bring that out as much as possible, because I find it weirdly attractive. I'll be sitting around the house when suddenly she appears out of thin air all like, "Who the hell is Jenna and why'd she like that picture you posted today?" Most guys would try to back out of the situation as quickly and as smoothly as possible but, I have nothing to hide so I instantly see an opportunity for "Awwww you instantly told her you had a girlfriend" sex, and a shot at seeing a girl fight which is always awesome.

It's at this time I offer my Facebook password and let her go through my Facebook messenger so she can see all the girls who messaged me and see that I was upfront about having no interest in anyone but her. THAT fella's is how you get your girlfriend to treat you like a king and make sammiches. Loyalty. Who knew? On a related note, if you're cheating then I recommend you suck it up and take that ass to Subway. A cold cut combo is always a better way to spend an afternoon than in the hospital with multiple stab wounds and a smart phone shoved in a place I'd rather not mention.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who kind of likes jealous girls.