Does anybody really truly know all of the state history of Texas?

We ask because for as long as this great state has been around, so much has happened. Whether it be a momentous occasion for everyone around the state, or a Texas sports team capturing a championship, there's many things for someone to examine from the Lone Star history book.

But today, rather than looking at the sports side of Texas, we look to beginnings of our big state. According to KXAN, there's a lot that led to the formation of the state, specifically in regards to the first ever capital of the state.

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But where exactly was the first capital of Texas? It might surprise you.

KXAN reveals that the road to the first state capital of Texas began actually began in the state of Louisiana in 1541. Which is rather interesting to think about right? Both the Spanish and French were making efforts to leave their mark on the land.

With both sides looking to claim more land, things were of course, tense. In 1714, the French made the decision to build a fort on Spanish land, which the Spanish were none too happy about.

To combat this, the Spanish built a fort, and a missionary, close to the one the French made. Five years later in 1719, the missonary, Franciscan Mission San Miguel, was struck by an attack, and the Spanish decided to build a fort in Los Adaes named Fort of Our Lady of Pilar at the Adaes.

According to Lousiana State Parks, the fort was built to stop the French from entering any more Spanish territory.

Ten years later, Spain, and their state Tejas, made Los Adaes it's capital. But, the captial wasn't on true Texas land, it was in Lousiana! So the first capital of the Lone Star State was in The Bayou State!

Can you imagine how the map of the US would look if it stayed that way? Well, thankfully Tejas' capital was only in Louisiana for 44 years!

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