Guys it's been done. The code has been cracked! No longer will we ask the lovely women in our lives where they want to eat, only to be strung along with, I don't know's, immediately followed by "No I don't like that place" even though she wanted to eat there just last week.

It just might possibly be one of the most frustrating loops to be caught in as a man in a relationship with an otherwise perfectly sane lady. BEHOLD! The answer to your prayers fellas. We are FREEEEE!

The next time you and your girl go out for a random quick bite to eat, don't ask her where she would like to eat. Simply say, "Guess where I'm taking you to eat!" in and excited tone and then go to the first place she says. Done! The answer is so simple and it was there all along. Now go fourth my fellow man and prosper!

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