Okay, I'm not sure if I dreamt this; is the Taco Bell  Mexican Pizza still a thing? For some reason, I kind of feel like they announced that they were taking it off the menu. If this is true, then that's not a good thing. I'm going to be real, I haven't been to Taco Bell in a grip even though, I love me some Taco Bell. And, one of my favorite items on the menu is of course the Taco Bell Mexican pizza. How much do I love the Taco Bell Mexican pizza? So much, that I heard it was no longer being served and for that reason alone I decided to make my own Taco Bell Mexican pizza at home.

Yep, I tried it and to be honest I would have to rate it a 7 out of 10. Which, is not that bad. Only thing I did not really get right was the Taco Bell sauce. Which, is very important. There is a way around that, which I will get to  here in just a bit. So, yes take a look at these pictures I actually attempted to make the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza at home and, I found that it was really easy to do.

NOW, the biggest thing that got me shook about the Mexican pizza was that I DID NOT KNOW that the Mexican Pizza is made with flour tortillas and not corn tortillas? Who knew?

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So, the first thing you do is deep fry 2 flour tortillas in oil. Be careful not to burn them or overdue it. After you do this, you pretty much assemble the PIZZA with ingredients you buy at the store.

#1 Put the 1st tortilla down on a pan and spread some refried beans.

#2 Spread your favorite TACO MEAT on next.

#3 Layer mixed shredded Mexican blend cheese

#4 Put 2nd fried Flour tortilla on top and spread some Taco Bell sauce.

#5 Another layer of shredded blended Mexican Cheese

Place on oven sheet and bake for 10 minutes.

Now, I said earlier that I have a work around for the actual Taco Bell sauce. I did  try to make Taco Bell sauce from scratch and I wasn't that successful at it . But, I found that H-E-B does carry Taco Bell sauce! Yep ! Taco Bell sauce can be found at H-E-B so you can buy it there and pretty much you're good to go.

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So, as I said earlier I'll give my Taco Bell Mexican pizza a 7 out of 10. Not bad for my 1st attempt. Easy and tasty!  And, now I'm headed to Taco Bell! LOL

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