Leo ad Rebecca Buzz Question - Hey guys can you settle this for us? We recently had a discussion about the LEFT LANES here in Texas. I say the LEFT LANES are for the FAST DFRIVERS while my co-worker says they are for PASSING ONLY. I say here we use it to keep things moving fast. He says you should only use it to PASS a car then get back in the right lane. What do you guys think? How do you think people use the lanes here in the Permian Basin?

Here is what some had to say about it on our Facebook.

Michael-Its for passing , its a law. If your in it to long a cop will pull you over for it.

Eddie-Yes! For passing. So for some of you fools who like to stay on it when you have nobody to your right and see somebody behind you coming, GET OUT THE WAY!!!! STOP BREAKING THE LAW!!!! And let me continue my 80-90 mph drive. Like Ludacris says, 'Move ...… See More

People will give you mean muggz if you going the speed limit in the fast lane

Kimberly- Passing… so move over someone may be trying to pass you.

Ivonne- It’s a passing lane only, should be available if needed by ambulance, fire trucks,and police officers that need to get to an emergency.

Diane Robinson- Passing lane

According to this website....here are the 'stay right' laws.....

It states for Texas:

TexasSlower545.051(b)Most rural interstates are posted "left lane for passing only" pursuant to 544.011. Passing on right prohibited except on one-way roadways. 545.057.

This would definitely lean LEFT LANE for passing only. But if you look at the wording for say the state of  South Dakota it reads...

South DakotaNo32-26-1Only "slow moving vehicles" need to keep right.

So in South Dakota it actually says slow vehicles stay right... faster ones stay left? Interesting.

So yes, LEFT LANE is for PASSING ONLY and all laws should be obeyed and most importantly please DRIVE SAFELY ON OUR Highways!

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