Many of you are sitting there staring at your computer or smart phones wondering what the hell I'm talking about, but a few of you are falling out of your chair laughing hysterically. If you watch South Park then you're definitely picking up what I'm putting down. For that, I just want to say you're awesome. South Park is one of my all time favorite shows.

This is Leo's office. It's basically full of the 3 1/2 metric butt tons he owns that his wife will not allow him to put on display at his house. Basically it looks like Canadian 3P0 just visited Disney World.....Apparently located somewhere within the Death Star. Hey, they may be in the business of destroying planets but even Darth Vader can't resist the Jedi mind tricks on the happiest place on earth. Leo is a rebel side of the force kind of guy. Personally, I like my side like I like my coffee. Dark and more scorched than Anakin after a fight with Obi Wan.

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