This is a picture of my son's school uniform. The black marks you are seeing are from another student who decided to throw paint on my son while in class. The part about this that upsets me the most is if you look at this and consider it was all done with a brush, this means there were several attempts. Where was the teacher this whole time? I understand one or two quick smears but this took some time to do with my son struggling and telling him to stop the entire time. The horrible thing is, it's not like my son is a push over. He's tried taking up for himself but because of all the anti-bullying policies, bullies have more power than ever. Used to, if a kid chose to stand up to a bully it it was accepted. Keep in mind that bullies have never been up front. They've always provoked kids behind the teachers back. Now all they're doing is things like this then hoping the other kid will retaliate and get in trouble when they take up for themselves. What would you guys do?

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