Christmas is next month! OMG where did the year go? If you're like me you may always toy (pun intended) with the idea of when to put up the lights on the house, pull out the decorations, put up the Christmas tree? I used to be a stickler about not getting it all put up until after Thanksgiving but I've really softened up over the years. 

Then I come across this fabulous invention on TikTok and think to myself, yep it's time! Must find one of these to entertain myself and my children and it is a done deal.

[video width="576" height="1056" mp4=""][/video]

I mean I can remember growing up, I was this contraption at home. I was the Christmas tree plug in person when I was little. Don't get me wrong, for little Becky it was exciting. It was an important job and not one I would take lightly.

Literally because of me, the tree would light up (in my mind) I had the power to make those lights sparkle and shine. Now, because of technology, it will feel like I'm flipping the switch on the giant tree in Rockefeller Center in New York with this Christmas Light Tree Lighting Switch! lol

I think this is fabulous to have if a) you have children like me or b) you're a kid at heart! Merry Thanksmas everyone, and no it is not too soon to put up your Christmas tree.

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