Spoiler Alert!!!! If you haven't seen the movie you may want to turn back now because I am bout to blow it TF up!


Don't get me wrong. The movie wasn't bad but it wasn't nearly as good as I was lead to believe it was gonna be dude to posts on social media. First off, Professor-X deserved a more epic death than that. While I'm on that subject, did I miss something or was anyone else wondering what the hell he suddenly remembered right before he got shanked in bed? The movie was so slow paced that they had to throw in another Wolverine to make it watchable. The girl, she was totally awesome but now we have to dread them trying to make another buck and making a half assed follow up movie about her. Last and definitely not least. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GONNA SEND WOLVERINE OFF LIKE THAT? That was a really anticlimactic way for a 17 YEAR LONG MOVIE CHARACTER to be killed off. He should have gone out saving her with his last breath like the G he was, but noooooo. That would be too easy right? Instead the little girl had to save him . . . considering that HE DIED, she failed miserably. Now, the ending scene was pretty legit with the whole cross thing but that doesn't make up for the rest of it. The best part of the movie for me was getting to see the new Deadpool trailer.

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