I'm sure there will be a TON of movies you guys mention in the comments that are just bombshells for me so let me start this list with the one that seems to piss EVERYONE off lately.

((Logan Spoiler Begin))

I think Logan sucked. They seemed to go with a descent basic story line but for a kid who grew up watching X-Men cartoons since he was 8, I just didn't think Wolverine's final movie was thought out enough. Sure it was ok...for ANY OTHER series but for the final Wolverine movie they really got lazy and basic in my opinion. People all say the same thing. "but he realized he loved something enough to die for it and it was so touching and blah blah blah..." Are we forgetting that he "sacrificed" himself in EVERY MOVIE HE"S IN!?!? Yes he lived in all the others but he didn't think he was going to and they played it up like he wouldn't. The ONLY thing different is this time he actually did. Now instead of a new Wolverine movie, they're going to make a lame spin off of his daughter. I'm calling it now...she will be older and Emma Watson will play her so people will actually watch it.

((Logan Spoiler End))

Second, we have Deadpool. Yes, it was funny and yes the action scenes were well done but again, as a comic follower long before the movie came out, it was mediocre. I know a ton of people loved it, but if they knew how good it could have been they would have been just a little let down. Deadpool is a sick pervert with split personalities. He's definitely not a guy just trying to save his girlfriend. His perversions make him way more hilarious than he was able to be with a girlfriend. Some of the funniest comic book moments are his personalities arguing with each other. I didn't mind the girlfriend...until she lived. I was hoping that losing her to his arch nemesis would be what put him over the edge of insanity and sparked the split personalities. Sadly she lived, and he was left just a typical super-hero that saved the girl. He isn't a hero....In ANY way. He's not a good guy. Hes an A-hole (in the funniest possible way) and he is a mercenary. For Deadpool, money does all the talking. Hence why he's called the merc with the mouth.

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