Ladies, I need your help! Are you like me, that you have as many bottles of perfume as there are in the picture, yet you find yourself using only 'your favorite' and the others just sit there, never to be worn except maybe a couple of times when you first got it?

I complain to my better half all the time, 'I need new perfume' to which he replies, 'you have 20 bottles on the dresser!' Here's the thing, I liked that one in the store, it smelled soooo good but by the time I got it home, it just wasn't the same. Too strong or not strong enough. lol That is currently my dilemma, so I'm enlisting the help of my ladies that are reading this right now.....what is your favorite or 'go-to' perfume? I like soft and subtle, but I like fruity or candy smelling fragrances as well. Maybe that's why I'm having this problem? I'm all over the place with my preference. lol Help a girl out!


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