Does anyone know when the heck the friggin' Carl's Jr is opening? I have been excited about it since I first hear the rumor of them coming to town like a year ago. I know there's a lot of people who aren't familiar with the deliciousness that is Carl's but allow me to try to put into words what happens as you eat an El Diablo Burger. . . and before you even say it, YES I like it more than Whataburger and In N Out.

Basically you get blind sided by a tidal wave of flavor as the charbroiled patty fuses with the apple wood smoked bacon and snap kicks your taste buds so hard you aren't even ready for the jalapeno's as they surge through your face hole. As soon as you think it couldn't get any better . . . What's that? Oh HEEEEEEEL no they didn't! Is that jalapeno poppers in a burger? IT SURE AS HECK IS aaaaaaaand BOOM here comes the habanero sauce.

Lol I know this sounds like a commercial but I love Carl's Jr that much. I drive by daily, gazing longingly at an empty building with a Carl's Jr sticker slapped on it and I want to cry.