In this business you have so much fun at work that you actually forget sometimes that you somehow made this your job. I know, #thestruggle right?

The truth is, even a job this awesome comes with a metric butt ton of things that you wouldn't realize until you're here. I still trip out sometimes when one of the many illusions of radio is revealed to me and I see how it really works rather than how I thought it worked before I was in radio. It's the same with any job. If you sell cars people think that's quite literally the only thing involved with your job. They don't see the clean up you do. The hours upon hours of learning the 20 million features on every different model you sell, how to demo them, and how they differ from your competitors.

My point is, I think we could all use a little TLC. If you could go on vacation anywhere this summer, where would you go?

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