So have you ever had something that needs to be taken care of, one of those things that super stresses you out because you know you have to do it you just don't know where to begin? That was me yesterday. I received a package in the mail, as many of us do, it was something I had ordered from an online boutique and wasn't happy with it so I needed to send it back by mail. 

Well the problem with that is I have never sent a package back in my life. Ok I take that back, major kudos to Amazon for making it super simple for you to send back a package. If you receive an item that doesn't fit, that you don't like, wasn't the right size, wasn't the right color, whatever the case, they make it easy to send it back. No visit to the post office at all. Well cut to me needing to send this item back and not having the  foggiest idea how to do it. I had major anxiety. 

Let me tell you, shout out the super nice lady that worked at the Post Office I went to in Odessa, she could see the fear and desperation in my eyes when I told her I needed help! This person could not have been more nice and professional, she helped me 100! Also I've never felt more like an accomplished adult than in that moment. Now I feel like a pro. Surely I'm not alone. What 'adulting' thing stresses you out?
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