Have you ever watched those travel channel shows about the different things people do all around the world and think to yourself, 'I would like to try that some day?' Well I did something I never thought I would! Ever heard of a fish pedicure? Where the little fishies (not a real word I know) eat the dead skin off your feet. After the fact btw, I found out this particular treatment is banned in some places. Great! Too late. lol

I snapped this pic before I put my feet in because I was completely creeped out by the whole concept so it took awhile and there was some yelling involved, but well as they say, when in Rome....I decided to give it a try and as you can see there are so many fish in there its crazy! As you drop your feet in the water, those suckers (literally) go to town!

It was weird feeling at first because they nibble all the way up to your ankles. Then about a minute in it just starts feeling like a vibrating sensation. The entire process lasts about 15 minutes, then you take your 'callous free, soft' feet out of the water and have them dried and massaged with lotion afterward. Overall experience? Good. Would I do it again? I'll stick to my regular bi-weekly pedi's sans fish. lol

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