I Had My First Ever Fish Pedicure
Have you ever watched those travel channel shows about the different things people do all around the world and think to yourself, 'I would like to try that some day?' Well I did something I never thought I would! Ever heard of a fish pedicure? Where the little fishies (not a real word I know) eat th…
mani/pedi for men
Had a conversation with a guy at work recently about men getting manicures and/or pedicures. I have absolutely no problem with a man getting the same pampering that women get on regular basis, but my coworker thinks a man loses his 'man card' if he does such a thing? I do not agree.
best in the 4-3-2?
Ok ladies and maybe some fella's, it's all good! I need your input and help with a new mani/pedi place in the 4-3-2? My current and constant for the past few years has all new peeps and I feel it's time to move on, you know how that goes.
Is It Ok For A Man To Get A Pedicure?
After a routine trip to the salon recently I noticed something that I don't see often. There was a guy, by himself, getting a pedicure! I waited for a wife/girlfriend to come out from the restroom or something but it never happened. So at that point I was thinking, that's what I'm tal…