Can I say my destiny was mapped out for me long before I knew it? It's funny how some things come full circle sometimes and looking back you think, funny how that worked out? Let me explain....

picture it, little Rebecca in elementary school. Great student, good grades, booming personality, (naturally) but always in trouble. Not for not listening and following directions, not for being disrespectful or fighting with other children, for TALKING.

Is that a huge surprise? No. Legit every single report card all throughout my elementary school years, I would get a U on my report card. Which stood for unnecessary talking. And I'll be damned if it wouldn't get me in trouble at home every single time! Would I learn my lesson? Also no. lol

If those teachers could see me now! ha Who knew that I would turn my excessive talking into a whole career? A 20+ year passion. Hello? There was a reason I talked to everyone around me. It was preparing me for talking on the radio to anyone who would listen, kind of like how it went down in class.

Look at my innocent little face in the picture? How dare my teachers give me a U!  It's funny how these things have a way of working out. The 'unnecessary talking' Rebecca now gets paid to talk. If my mom and dad knew then what they know now it would have saved my butt alot of whoopins. lol They might have just said to any teacher (and they all did) that gave me the U, don't sweat it, she'll make something of it someday!

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