If you are looking to fill your kids summer schedule, here is something else you can get them signed up for. Legit I am that mom. If there is a camp, be it VBS, some sort of camp through the school or local gym, I'm the first one to throw it out, 'take all of my money!' Keep my kids busy for the summer so they won't start complaining that there is nothing to do. 

Beginning June 7th, Odessa College is bringing back their summer camps that will run through the first week of August. Masks will be required for the camps that will be available which according to Director of Community Recreation Christine Williams,

"We did bring some camps back, not all of them yet, but we did bring some camps back."

As of now, volleyball, conversational Spanish, zombie preparedness and Camp Runamuckus are all back. Camp Runamuckus is an all sports camp, with volleyball as mentioned above and even archery are offered.

You must get your little ones signed up quick as these camps fill up fast! Children must be between the ages of 5 through 16 for most camps and a new camp called Fab Academy has been added this summer, in which camp attendees will be able to utilize Odessa College's Fab Lab.

If you are interested in having your child participate in any of these fabulous camps at OC this summer, you may find out space availability and more info here.
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