I think it goes without saying that it is always a good thing and we get super excited when we hear of improvements, upgrades and any kind of positive growth in our community. Even better when it is for the better of our children and families. An opportunity for more recreation and time spend with our loved ones. 

How cool is it to hear of the new Hogan Park $55 million Initiative? Hogan Park will be 'redeveloped' soon according to the MRT. This well thought out and exciting project is a partnership between the City of Midland and the Midland Quality of Place.

Hogan Park as we currently know it will be getting quite the facelift in the future with the exception of the golf course, Sibley Nature Center and the baseball stadium we know a Christensen Stadium.

Here is what the initiative will consist of:

14 new turf fields-baseball and softball

grass practice fields (4)

a Tall City Playground

5 soccer and football fields-also turf

12 batting cages

covered basketball pavilion

7-mile Hogan Trail walking path

a splash pad

food truck court

lawn for events with pavilion

dog park

seating areas complete with shade

over 1,900 parking spaces with RV and bus parking availability

Wow! This will be a great addition for an already well-known park in Midland. It is anticipated that this new addition to Midland and Hogan Park will be ready by Spring of 2024.
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