I have always loved the butter tortillas at HEB.
How many times have I gone by HEB's tortilla area and have taken a sample of their tortillas? So many times! I love their regular tortillas and I especially love their buttered tortillas. I mean if you love to put butter on your tortillas isn't the buttered HEB tortilla just the best. I mean,  they do it for you.

I can remember so many times my grandmother making homemade tortillas and her house smelling like tortillas! It was such an awesome smell one of those smells that you never ever forget. I love the smell of tortillas! And, if you do too then H EB has the perfect candle for you. Yep, they now have a candle that smells like the buttered HEB tortillas. All I can say, LET'S LIGHT THEM UP!

Now, I can not only eat the HEB buttered tortillas, I can smell them anytime I light up my candle! I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of candles that smell like food, but, this is going to be my exception!

According to this article from News West 9...


"H-E-B is excited to bring some of our favorite foods to candle form with the launch of Flavor Favorites," Bedingfield said. "The mouth-watering line of candles are available in most H-E-B’s across the state and include scents such as: Butter Tortilla, Blueberry Muffin, Cinnamon Rolls, The Cowboy Cookie, Two-Bite Brownies, Texas Wildflower Honey and Creamy Creations Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. Customers can choose from large jar ($12) and small jar ($5) options."

Do you love HEB's butter flavored tortillas? And if so, do you want your house to smell like a butterd tortilla? Lol, if so this candle is for you and for me. So, it looks like I'm gonna have to buy the candle and buy me a dozen of those butter flavored H EB tortillas. Sounds like a deal to me. The candles are available at the HEB here in the 432!

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