My 16 year old son and I had a discussion lastnight over what else.....? Music. Driving down the road, listening to the radio we hear Technotronic, Pump Up the Jam and I'm dancing, singing in the car. He turns and says to me, 'how do you dance to this stuff?' and I say, 'however, it doesn't matter, it's a song that just makes you want to jam!' Then the 'argument' begins. lol

He proceeds to tell me that the music kids listen to today is much easier and more fun to dance to than the music we had back in the day. Ummmm no! My argument was that so many songs have 'dances' that you have to learn to go with them now-a-days. That gets old. I know I'm right, but in your opinion, especially if you're a 90's music fiend like me, which style of music is more fun to dance to? Back then or today?