Texas has many businesses that were founded in the Lone Star state. Many a Texan love Whataburger or Buc-ee's. But there's one very big grocery chain that everyone knows about here.

We're of course talking about H-E-B

Stepping into a H-E-B is like stepping into an another world sometimes. If you remember the first time you ever stepped into one of the store, you might've felt a little lost right? With so many shelves and products in stores, there's a lot that goes into a Texas store such like it.

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So with so many moving parts, many people are needed to help with day to day operations. And H-E-B is now looking for people to join them to help with everything needed.

When and where is this career fair?

H-E-B posted on their website regarding the hiring fair. The event itself will take place Tuesday August 23rd, between 10 AM and 3 PM. The best part?

All stores will be holding interviews!

Yes, all H-E-Bs in Texas will be holding the career fair. According to a release by the company:

"Stores will hold a career fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 23. Candidates who attend will receive on-site interviews only for open positions at the store they visit. An online application must be submitted before interviews are conducted. To expedite their experience, candidates are encouraged to complete an application before attending. Applications and details about open positions can be found at careers.heb.com/careerfair. For interviews, translators and disability accommodations will be available upon request."

So if you want to work for H-E-B, your chance could soon be arriving.

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