Check out this old video of what Green Acres used to look like!
Is there anywhere to play mini golf outside in the 432? I know there is Lunar Golf in the Midland Park Mall, but is there any place that has mini golf to play outside?
I can remember the days of Putt Putt Golf and Games. Remember them back in the day? They used to be located off Loop 250 and Wadley. I even think I had a birthday party for my son there back in the day! I love playing mini golf. Isn't it also a perfect 'date night' thing. Your never too old for mini golf.

That's why I was excited to see this article on the MRT website.
In a nut shell, Green Acres is coming back! Sweet! I was talking a co-worker who remember playing mini golf at Green Acres way back in the day. The days before 'putt putt' as he put it. It was old school mini gold for Midland back in the day. And, from the sounds of it the 'NEW' Green Acres will be located din the same old spot. The course will be on 7 acres on Business 20 heading East in Midland.

According to the article on the MRT website

The names of the holes – including “The Ant Hill,” “Country Mile,” “Roller Coaster,” “Water Jump” and “Windmill” also have people anticipating making new memories.

Sounds exciting and another awesome place for the family to have some fun. Or, that special 'date night'.
The article states that they are hoping for a July opening. Wouldn't that be awesome for summer.

Who's in for some more mini golf?

Check out the video of what Green Acres used to look like. Can't wait to see the NEW ONE!

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