Buzz Question - So, the last relationship I was in was a bad one. So much so, that I can't stand to hear her name. Well, just my luck , the girl I'm dating NOW has the same name as my EX. Honestly I don't like calling her by that name and I want to call her something else. A nickname, a shortened version of her name...something. SO, should I ask her if I can do this, or should I just start doing it?.

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Just call her sweetheart!

Why because everytime you say her name you think of your ex? 🙄👊

Call her 2.0

You have PTSD 😁

Guy, just be up front with her and let her know the situation. Why does something so small have to be so big. Why is it so difficult to be honest and let her know what's up! If she don't like it then u know to move on. She'll probably respect you more if u did tell her the truth then finding out later.

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