I think most of us have been fired for one reason or another at some point. While getting fired is never fun. These people have some pretty funny stories as to how they got canned.
My personal best was when I got hired by a fellow the first thing he did when he shook my hand to tell me I had the job way say, “And stay away from my daughter.” I think we can all agree that he kind of brought it on himself. That’s an instant “Challenge Accepted!”
Looking at him I didn’t really expect that his daughter would be someone who would be hard to stay away from but BEHOLD, looks can be deceiving. Me being by far the youngest guy working there and making me the forbidden fruit in her eyes by telling her she isn’t allowed to be around me, made me a must have on her list of things her daddy told her not to do.
A week, a threat, and a very awkward meeting later I was no longer employed. Lesson? Hot bosses daughters make for a very hard to explain week long BLIP on your resume.

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