It's not everyday that you have Hip Hop royalty in the studio. Just mention 2 Live Crew and phrases like 'controversial', 'ground breaking'  and 'legendary" come to mind.

Back in the day, listening to 2 Live Crew meant you were going 'against the establishment' 'underground' and cool. Way cool.

The 90's Bash on January 9th at La Hacienda in Midland, Texas gave me an opportunity to talk to Fresh Kid Ice on the group, his new book and the state of hip hop.


It was interesting that he brought up NWA and the Straight Outta Compton movie. Who wouldn't want to see a 2 LIVE CREW movie? You know there'd be a ton of booty shaking in that one! LOL!



    Watch 2 Live Crew Perform at the 90s Bash