Who remembers CD's? Picture little Rebecca begging my mom and dad to buy me some to go in my CD player. It took quite a bit of convincing but it finally happened and this was one of my very first. On this Flashback Friday, let's take a trip down memory lane and think about some of the CD's you ever owned or bought with birthday or Christmas money. 


Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl was one of my first, singing into my hairbrush, 'straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever...' classic. And also yes I thought I could dance like Paula Abdul.

Another CD that either I bought or my parents did that was a fave was Debbie Gibson, Out of the Blue. Remember back in the day, you were either Team Debbie Gibson or Team Tiffany? You already know. I knew every single word to every single song on this album and even chose to sing one in a school talent show in Jr. high. I belted out some Lost in Your Eyes (Electric Youth album) for my fellow classmates. It's a shame my career never took off. Smh.

The other CD I played on repeat was, of course, I'm sure everyone had it, Boyz II Men, Cooleyhighharmony. Motownphilly baby. Who remembers the very first CD's you every bought? These were a few of my favorites, always blaring in my childhood home bedroom.

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