Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that had me thinking of what the best advice would be for peeps in the 4-3-2 not wanting to crash and burn on their date. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Don’t check your phone too much because one, it shows you’re REALLY uninterested in your date and who likes talking to the back of a cell phone?

Wear your work clothes on your date. Scrubs, oilfield attire, even your boots with dust/dirt on them. Find the time to change before you head out on your date.

Being rude to the waitstaff. Yep, we all know that customer service in West Texas isn’t easy, but being rude to your waiter or waitress isn’t going to earn you any points.

Oh and here’s a good one. If you’re a trying to tell a joke and it fails, don’t continue it or try to explain it. Just move on.

And what may be the best advice for Valentine’s Day 2016. If you haven’t gotten your reservation at a restaurant yet, DON’T WAIT! You already know how crazy busy restaurants around here get with the wait times so why make sure that you don’t get a table by waiting until the night of to see if they have room?

What advice do you have to avoid a disastrous Valentine’s Day date? Tell us in the comments!