If you think about it, one thing we do have a lot of in the 432 is fast food places. It really seems like in the past 5 years that we've really stepped up our game in the food industry.

However, there could always be more places to eat. Every time I go out of town I make it a point not to eat anywhere we have at home on the entire trip. My last trip out of town was to Dallas to see Tom Segura. I ate a TON of nice privately owned restaurants that will never be chains that reach to our area. One place I did eat though was Fuzzy's Tacos. A ton of my friends seemed to tag themselves in pictures there every time they went to Dallas. I kinda thought it was just a gimmicky name and it was all hyped up.

It's not. We NEED a Fuzzy's Tacos in the 432. This place is amazing.