One thing we have plenty of in West Texas is Drive Thru's. We love our guns and we love not getting out of the car. We love it so much we have drive thru beer stores. The question is, who's the fastest. Don't be hatin'. I know as soon as I asked that a few of you were thinking "Well I definitely know who's NOT the fastest." We all know who that is and I'm pretty sure we were all thinking the exact same place...and yes, they are mind numbingly slow. The absolute fastest in West Texas in my opinion is strangely enough one of the most accurate. Not only do they get my food out crazy fast, but they rarely mess up my order to boot. Rosa's Cafe is all around pound for pound the best fast Mexican food in the world. They're delicious, they rarely get my order wrong, and I'm always amazed at how consistently long their lines are no matter what time of day I got there yet they take less time to get through than most other drive thru's. Rosa's we love you so much. If we knew who this Rosa really was we'd probably be attempting to put a ring on it as we speak.

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