While we know that crime happens everywhere it seems like over the past few years with social media we hear about all these horrible crimes more often now. It’s good to know what’s happening around us but it can quickly become overwhelming with all the negativity that is going on. But after these violent crimes take place where do these criminals go? There are 6 Texas prisons that are housing some of the most violent offenders and we are going to discuss some of the locations. 

I can promise you that any inmate that steps foot in a prison is not happy about being there, we are talking about all of your freedoms being gone. You have another adult who tells you when you can and cannot do things, but all of this is a consequence of actions. There are specific reasons why people are put into prison but let’s hope that after they complete their sentence, they can live a happy and productive life. 

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What’s the Difference Between Jail and Prison 

If you’re in jail it’s normally not a very long stay, prison is for long term sentences. Prison can also be used for more serious crimes or inmates under state or federal authority. Although I don’t believe either sound like much fun, I would avoid both locations. 

Let’s Look at These 6 Texas Prisons 

I can promise you the accommodations at these locations are nothing like what you're used to having at home. Let’s start looking at where the most violent criminals go after they are convicted in a court of law.  

6 Texas Prisons Housing Violent Criminals

After being convicted of a very serious crime Texas inmates could find themselves inside one of these Texas Prisons.

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