So, I go to NBC on my direct TV to watch the special Wednesday edition of NFL Football and guess what. There is no NBC on Direct TV. It seems there is a dispute between NBC here locally and Direct TV. So, that means any programming on Channel 9, KWEST-TV, is off anybody who uses Direct TV here in the 432.
Dang it, I hate when this happens. And, it seems to happen at least once very year with somebody. I don't know who is at fault and honestly it probably is both. It all comes down to money. There has to be an agreement made. I believe DIRECT -TV is charged by KWEST-TV to be part of their line up and thus you need a contract in place. Well, when they don't agree on the money side then this happens.

Luckily, I have a fix.
I downloaded the NBC app on my phone and am able to Screen-mirror my phone on my smart tv. So, now I'm good and go watch my football game.
Hope both of these guys come to some agreement soon.
Tired of seeing this message when I tune into channel 9 on Direct Tv!

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