Yes, without a doubt my favorite type of food is anything Chinese cuisine!

Well, my latest find is Dan Dan Noodles From PF Chang!

Aye aye images
Aye aye images

Now, we don't have a restaurant here in the 432, the nearest one is in Lubock, but if you hit up the frozen section of your favorite grocery store, you should be able to find the P.F Chang brand.

Well, do yourself a favor and flavor and grab the Dan Dan Noodles, I have never tried them until this past week and all of a sudden there are now my favorites!

Dan Dan Noodles are Lo Mein noodles with pork shiitake mushrooms, scallions and toasted sesame seeds with a savory brown sauce. Yes, it's so awesome. If you love PORK, your gonna love this. And, if your tired of just steak and chicken, then jump out and grab on to this!

Time to go heat me some up!