Isn't it cool to see things that you may drive by all the time in a different way. Those are the vibes I got when checking out this cool video on the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum.
When is the last time you visited the museum? If yoU have lived in the Permian Basin for a while you may have been several times. And, if you haven't then you should. Not only is it an educational experience but it's also a "West Texas' thing. It's a big part of who we are are here in the Permian Basin.

This VIDEO popped up in my recommended videos and I'm so glad it did. It's a very well done video pretty much showing you the outside and inside of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum.
The video stars with the outside aerial view of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum grounds. It starts off with some impressive 'drone' footage of the entire grounds. Then, the video goes inside the museum itself showcasing many areas of the building and tour that you get when visiting the museum.


I have walked through the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum and NOW thanks to the video I want to revisit it.
The museum's website states...

What started as a community dream has, over time, become the nation’s largest museum dedicated to the petroleum industry and its pioneers. The Petroleum Museum has welcomed over one million visitors worldwide. It shares the petroleum and energy story and its impact on our daily lives through educational programs, interactive exhibits, an archives center and its Petroleum Hall of Fame.

A visit to the Petroleum Museum is an amazing journey through over 230 million years of history. Located in the heart of the Permian Basin, the Petroleum Museum offers over 40,000 square feet of interactive education and entertainment for adventurers of all ages. The mission of the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum is to share the petroleum and energy story and its impact on our lives.


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